Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting. Which One?

Web hosting uses server with two major operating systems: Linux and Windows. Which one is better? Linux uses UNIX kernel and open source. It consists of many distributions from small community to big foundation. For server, users usually choose the most popular one due to stability, support, and security. On the other side, Windows is proprietary system from Microsoft. Windows server is operating system dedicated for server utilization, such web-hosting, database, corporate administration, etc.

The Insight of Linux vs. Windows Hosting

Between Linux and Windows, it relates to the way server will be managed. For web hosting, Linux has different interface and command that might not familiar for windows user. For beginners, windows server is favorable because it’s easy to manage, and the applications are familiar. Keep in mind that hosting means from server side, not what clients and end-users do from their device when accessing website.

1. Stability
Microsoft dominates operating system market for end-user with various windows versions. On contrary, Linux system only takes small portion and far below OSX from Apple. This situation is different in web hosting. More than 60% server relies on Linux and the rest uses Windows. One reason why web developers choose Linux is about stability. You do not need to restart system or scan the entire data many times. Linux will be stable more than five years without full inspection. This condition is different from Windows that needs system reboot occasionally.

2. Security
Have you ever experience virus or Trojan in PC or laptop? Most of computer uses Windows and majority virus only works on Microsoft product. This is also what you see in server side. Windows is vulnerable from malicious attack, and Microsoft tries hard to enhance security system. However, Linux is at the top choice when security is the priority.

3. Control panel and data management
Linux gives easy control for any user level. For beginners, there is distro with simple configuration, and only necessary application is installed. Control panel in Linux will be complex if hosting more websites. Windows seems friendlier in term of interface and user experience. Accessing windows server is similar to operate your own laptop at home.

4. Cost
The next issue is about cost or budget. At the same specs and capability, you spend more money for windows than Linux hosting because of license. As mentioned in early section, users need to pay for license from Microsoft. That’s why the cost becomes higher and more expensive.

5. Update and upgrade
Server is similar to regular PC or laptop that needs upgrades and update. You can enhance hardware capability and get new updates for software. Linux provides flexibility in this area; users can choose any software as long as compatible with system. Furthermore, there is no urge to upgrade into new version, unless it’s completely unstable. You can migrate from one distro to another Linux without updating the problem. Windows relies on every update from Microsoft. It is good thing because users do not need to check the compatibility. Well, Microsoft has done the good task to handle such issue.

Do We Need SSL for Blog Website?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is nowadays needed by every website on the internet. This technology allows the website to establish secure internet connection, thus preventing it from viruses and phishing threats. Moreover, the importance of SSL is obvious. It brings more security and shows the legitimacy of the website. However, what if the site you run is blog? Do you still need to use SSL and make the blog HTTPS? The answer is YES. In this case, you do need SSL for blog.

The Reasons to Use SSL for Blogs

You can never take a blog for granted. When you want to run it seriously, you still need SSL technology. Completing your website is SSL is going to bring numerous benefits for your blog. Here are some reasons to use SSL for your blog.

1. Boosting the Google Ranking
Basically, having SSL verifies the legitimacy of blog. It shows that the blog is secure and run by responsible party. When it is certified in such way, the online reputation of your blog is going to be great. Search engines, including Google, love this kind of site. There is no wonder that legitimate blog is going to be placed on the first page as the ranking of the blog is high. By having it displayed on first page, people will notice your blog more easily, hence bringing more and more traffic and visitors.

2. People Trust HTTPS More
A blog with SSL technology is going to get that additional “S” after the HTTP. The letter “S” here means “secure”. People these days are already aware of that security feature and that’s why HTTPS blogs are trusted more by people on the internet, compared to HTTP blog. They do not have to think twice to click on HTTPS blog because they already know that it is 100% legit and safe. On the contrary, people these days, especially those with vast knowledge of technology, feel reluctant to visit HTTP blogs as they know the risk of visiting unverified sites.

3. Gaining More Profits
When you run blog to eventually gain some money, by Google ads or other sources, you really need to win their trust by using SSL. Big companies and websites will not trust a blog that cannot prove its legitimacy. They do not want to advertise in random blogs like that. Since your blog is fully legitimate by having the SSL, surely it will be easier for you to get more visitors, more sponsors, and more profits at the end of the day.

It is now obvious that even a blog needs the help of SSL to become safe and secure on the internet. It does not matter if you run a blog because your eventual goal is to make it viral and famous. To do so, you need to convince everyone on the internet that your blog is a secure site. From now on, try to go on the process of extended validation and just make your blog SSL certified.

The Best Plugin for WordPress

Have you ever heard of WordPress Plugin? This tool may help you improving business and take it to a whole new level if you can adjust it right. This additional feature of WordPress’ can increase your sites’ functionality, such as SEO, speed, security, and many more. You may come across plenty of plugins which has the same features. Just choose one of them which you think will be suitable for maximizing your site.

For your information, there are three kinds of plugins: premium (paid), free, or the combination of both—freemium plugins. Freemium plugins means they are free but support some choices to upgrade the features into the advanced one. Divided into several categories, these are some best plugins to choose.

WordPress Plugins that Will Serve Your Every Need

1. Best Plugin for Contact Form
Contact Form is really crucial for your company’s credential and commitment to the clients or customers—it proves that your company has willingness to hear what they feel and what they expect from services. Ninja Forms and Contact Form 7 can be your best supports in order to fulfill that. Ninja Forms and Contact Form 7 are both free to download, and have some premium features as the extensions. The premium features help you to complete your sites with front-end posting, conditional logic, file uploading, user analytics, and multi-part forms. You can have these features separately. Both plugins are easy, simple, and quick to use, even for the amateur.
2. Best Plugins for Image Quality Enhancements
Nowadays, visuals are important for the website viewer. This two plugins—Imagify and Ewww Image Optimizer will improve the quality of pictures or photos you used in the websites, so they can be displayed beautifully. Imagify has features for compressing some image format such as PNG, GIF, or JPG without losing the images’ quality. This leads to the reduction in bandwidth and backup expense. This plugin offer 25 MB image compression per month. However, as an active website, you will need to buy the premium one that gives you 1 GB capacity of data (approximately compressing 10,000 images). Moreover, Ewww Image Optimizer is basically the same, but it can work with PDF format, too.
3. Best Plugin for Security Protection
For your websites’ security, choose Sucuri Firewall or WordFence. WordFence has plenty of blocking options, website monitoring, login security, and security scanning. On the other hand, Sucuri Firewall has another addition, like malware cleanup and detection.
4. Best Plugins for Social Media
Sharing has been the center of websites’ visitor activity lately. For getting your websites’ best exposure, use Easy Social Share Buttons and Simple Share Buttons Adder. You can make your own button with your preferences.
5. Best Plugins for Maximizing SEO
Search Engine Optimization is everything for a website. Using Premium SEO Pack and The SEO Framework can help your website to accomplish its greatest exposure. SEO Framework has special feature called SEO bar that’s displayed besides your posts or pages. This feature provides the status of your article in the easiest way.

Web Hosting Go Green

Even if it seems like a simple process, web hosting is actually wasting abundant energy. We may never realize that internet really can be that massive pollutant. The billion internet users all over the world will release 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide in every second by spending their free time browsing some plain websites. A web hosting server usually generates 1390 pounds carbon dioxide each year. With more than ten millions servers around the world, just try multiply those numbers. Think also about the using of electricity to power up your devices which mostly comes from fossil fuels. That’s why some people are concerned and discover the new kind of web hosting to reduce more risks of destroying our lovely earth. It’s the web hosting Go Green or commonly called as eco-friendly web hosting.

What is Web Hosting Go Green?

Web Hosting Go Green are the web hosts which is trying some kind of eco-friendly efforts to lessen the environmental impact of internet and web hosting. They usually will minimize the use of electricity while using electricity from renewable sources only. Moreover, how extensive is its contribution? We will get to see how this new kind of web hosting can be an inspiration for the running business or even personal hosting to make a change for better world. Every website usually has something that’s called datacenter. This is functioned to keep track of the running of websites, ensuring the websites are always up. This activity requires a lot of energy from non-renewable sources that radiates pollutant such as carbon. On the other hand, the datacenter used by green web is usually powered by renewable sources of energy for the entire activities.

The rooms used for placing datacenter usually kept at the lowest temperature as the server always produces lots of hot air. The green web will use the most efficient manner in using energy by directly pulling out the hot air from the used building. By doing this, the cooling system can also work more efficiently. For your information, that kind of practice assists to lessening 38 percent world’s datacenter energy exertion by 2020.

Financial aspect of company is also helped by doing web hosting go green. The more technologies you use, the more energies they require, the more bills are stacked. The greener technology usually spends less in usability, so it automatically lower the electric bills you need to pay. Well, web hosting go green used by some companies may indicate how far they want to make a commitment for better environmental effect to the world. This can be perceived as great and positive traits for clients. Your company can also have a certification which will be useful trade as marketing material information.

So, how do you know if a website is “green”? Some websites provide badges or certifications to prove their web hosting go green credential. If you are not sure enough, you can also check by entering their addresses to some other websites that support the tool to identify that.

Cheap Hosting. Is It the Best for You?

Web hosting is an online service to make your website can be accessed by online. When you have signed up for web hosting service, you are actually borrowing an available space for saving your data that can ensure that the website runs properly. Moreover, a server means a place where you can save your website’s contents. This server is uninterrupted, so everyone can access the website. Moreover, web hosting is responsible to ensure the server’s activity, keep the server safe from many kinds of cyber-attack, and give your website’s contents to everyone that access the website.
Is Cheap Hosting a Sweet Escape?
As we have known, there are various web hosting providers out there. The price that offered is various as well. The price range depends on the features provided by the provider. However, in building a website or a blog, the cost of web hosting can be such a great obstacle for some website owners, especially for bloggers or SMEs. The web hosting service is quite pricey, so only some parties can afford a web hosting service. In fact, a cheap web hosting service is necessary to accommodate the bloggers or small companies’ need of a well-appeared website.
Well, as the internet usage grows significantly, many web hosting providers start to offer web hosting service with an affordable cost. By the existence of cheap web hosting, small companies can afford a well-appeared website to support the companies’ activity. Even individuals can afford the service as well. These cheap hosting providers offer a good quality features along with the premium service. However, is it really the best for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
The first advantage is cost efficiency. For SMEs owners, cost is an important thing to be considered. The cheap web hosting is useful for building their business. Cheap web hosting enables them to save a decent deal of money. Second, cheap web hosting service gives the convenient interface. It is easy to navigate even by the beginners. Later on, this service helps them to learn more about web hosting.
Now, what are the disadvantages? Well, first is always about security issue. Since the cheap web hosting providers use shared hosting service, it can’t give you a maximum security. Even though, security is the crucial component for all websites. In addition, your website’s performance can be interrupted when one member of a shared hosting service has a greater traffic than yours. Your website might become slower in loading pages. Surely, this performance is interfered and it hinders your website from potential clients and buyers.
You may ask “is cheap hosting the best for you?” It depends; if you are looking for cost-efficiency and user-friendliness, you might opt into cheap web hosting service. However, if your website contains multiple data and need an extra security, the higher cost web hosting service may works best for your website. So, please choose the suitable one. Whatever your needs, just consider the effectiveness and the cost really carefully.

Low Price vs High Price in Web Hosting

Like other services, web hosting service has a price, and like other selling items, the prices offered to vary. The definition of the website itself is only a place of information in cyberspace and does not have a physical form as if affecting the sale value as well. So, many people prefer web hosting at a low price than the one with a “reasonable” price and more features or security. This time, we will explore more deeply about the world of web hosting, especially about the features, prices offered, and why expensive web hosting is even better than those that have cheap prices.

Web Hosting Price at Stake
Before getting into the price problem, it is good to first write about the sale value of a website. If you are not a website developer or owner, you might only see the selling value of website in terms of design and content, but it turns out to be far more than that.
For those who want to create and manage websites professionally, in addition to the appearance of the user interface and content, you also need to pay attention to the speed of access, user experience, domain name, search engine ranks, and more. Some of those might not be expensive, but if you put them together, it can create a rather big dent on your wallet.

Here are some distinct differences in features between low price and high price websites that you need to know.

1. Performance speed
When talking about websites, you will definitely gaining concern about the speed of access, and that sector is often played by either high price or low price websites. High-quality web hosting will certainly provide significant website access to its customers. Meanwhile, low-priced websites will have a long loading time; some cheap server may even crash at certain times of the day. If you want your website to have high traffic, you will definitely use high price web hosting for the quality itself.

2. Security issue
Although SSL certificate is quite cheap, certain company web hosting might not get the memo. Many of them did not want to change their security protocol to be safer, so they tend to expose their customer data to a bigger threat. Security is arguably an emergency cost, but who knows someday there is a big danger that threatens your website; you will better come prepared.

3. Reliable features
The features offered by each web hosting are diverse, but the way they offer these features can be a reference to their price. Web hosting with good qualifications will provide the best features, such as import/export features or code-testing abilities. Meanwhile, bad web hosting will even trap you to pay for the sake of first-grade features.
Whether or not a web hosting is cheap, it is a personal preference. It is only an overview of what you get from both types of web hosting. But just to be sure, you should give it the best quality for this kind of choice.

Hosting Affiliate Programs

For you who are new website owners, are you experiencing an income crisis through your website? Well, one marketing method that’s quite unique is claimed to be able to increase income from your website in an instant, using your website traffic as the main capital. The marketing technique is called web hosting affiliate program.

What is a Web Hosting Affiliate Program Actually?
Just like other affiliate marketing, web hosting affiliate programs rely on networks and third parties in marketing their “goods”. But in this case, your website will be a vessel for marketing. In addition, the difference is the word “web hosting” which will use your services directly from the big player of web hosting, so the income provided can be quite tempting.

Some famous web hosting will use an inverted pyramid scheme to provide income, or what is commonly called “snowball effect”. The scheme works by accumulating your income for each web hosting service that sells through your website, then systematically sums up the income in the previous period. Therefore, the results you get will definitely increase significantly.

The web hosting that will become your customer in marketing their services usually comes from the big 5 or 10 web hosting companies in the world. In early days, you might not have thought that the largest website with high income would like to use your services to market their products. However, this activity has been going on for a long time, and it is the only effective way to grow bigger in marketing matters.

In terms of supply and demand, large web hosting will only be able to provide services in website hosting, but will feel less in terms of marketing to the greater crowd. That is why large web hosting often asks for help or opens a slot for affiliate marketing to small websites with a large amount of traffic. By targeting internet visitors with low infographic, the web hosting site is sure to be able to market its web hosting services effectively. Moreover, ideal supply and demand will be created between each other, with you as the intermediary.

If you are unsure about using this web hosting affiliate program because you do not know how to market products, just create articles that involve the web hosting site as your main data. It could be that you are discussing tips and tricks in creating your blog or website, or even discuss some advantages of certain web hosting. That way, you can advertise products from subtle web hosting, certainly balanced with fairly capable SEO.

Discussing technique of advertising web hosting products, you certainly also have to take the middle ground or win-win solution between web hosting as affiliate marketing service user, and your web visitor as customer from your website, as well as the way you gain the money. As you already know, visitors do not like the type of advertising that’s very striking, even given special space on website. So, you must use other methods that are equally satisfying to both parties.

Unlimited Web Hosting? Is It Real?

When talking about unlimited web hosting, numerous people get a little bit suspicious. Is it really unlimited and great to use? Well, answering those questions is quite interesting but first of all, for you who are not familiar with the term unlimited web hosting, you should know that it is a kind of web hosting that offers “unlimited” bandwidth and disk storage. By using this kind of web hosting, you can host numerous websites at the same time. Moreover, you can do this at minimum cost. Here is the further information about unlimited web hosting.

The Truth behind Unlimited Web Hosting and the Reasons to Choose It

Unlimited web hosting promises limitless resources when it comes to bandwidth and disk storage. However, most web hosting providers are not actually giving them with no limit. Certain limits are still set to prevent unwanted events, such as overloading and crashes. However, the limits are usually massive, so the users do not seem to realize that the limits exist as they feel that everything is “unlimited”. The unlimited web hosting, however, gives great advantages for the users. Here are some reasons why you should choose to use it.

1. Never Worried about Bandwidth and Storage Space
As stated before, this “unlimited” web hosting provides great amount of bandwidth and storage space. Even though there are some limits, you do not have to worry about it. This hosting is normally completed by great ability to manage a huge amount of domains and emails as well. You do not need to worry about running a website, even with high traffic when using unlimited web hosting.

2. You Can Avoid Unexpected Overage Charge
A package of unlimited web hosting is usually very affordable. You do not have to worry about overage charge as well that may come suddenly and drain your money. This unlimited hosting usually does not charge extra money when the bandwidth limit is reached (reaching the limit happens very rarely as well). Your website can use as much bandwidth as possible and you do not have to worry about the charge. All you need to do is pay a fixed fee every month and that is all the cost you need to pay.

3. Establishing Multiple Websites are Easier
Unlimited web hosting provides the users with great features, including the ability for them to establish multiple websites. They can make as many websites as they like and they are all can run smoothly at the same time. The strength of unlimited website is surely going to make your business improved in the near future.

Even though the term “unlimited” here is a little bit like false advertising, using unlimited hosting is still giving numerous benefits for your business, especially when you want to run multiple websites and do not want to spend a lot of money for that. In the end, the unlimited web hosting is still beneficial and worth to use. It won’t let you down and will keep your business running smoothly.

Sell Online Using Prestashop

As we know, Prestashop is well-known e-commerce platform that has been used by a lot of people to sell their goods and products. Established in 2007, Prestashop has become one of the most reliable and safe platforms for people to enjoy online shopping. If you plan to sell products using e-commerce platform, you just have to consider Prestashop. Find out more about it down below.

Why Selling Your Products Online Using Prestashop?

In fact, there are quite a lot of reasons why Prestashop needs to be considered as the right platform for anyone to sell their products online. Even though online shopping or e-commerce platforms are numerous out there, Prestashop has lots of great features that will ease users to sell their products, thus distinguishing the platform from others. Here are some of the reasons why selling products online using Prestashop is a good decision.

1. It is Easier to Install and Set
Prestashop can be used in mobile phone. The app is very light and will not slow your phone down. Creating online store in this platform is also very easy and it does not even require fast internet connection to do so. Since the app is light, you can operate your store with ease and the users of Prestashop can experience faster, more reliable search options.

2. It is Free
Prestashop uses open source platform that allows everyone to create a store for free. You do not need to pay for establishing the store. In addition, you do not need any licenses. That’s why Prestashop is great for small business owners and home industry merchants. They can sell the products with ease without having to worry about monthly fee to keep the store opens. It does not matter if you have small budget for your business. Selling the products on Prestashop will bring you profits at minimum cost.

3. It is Easier to Use and Maintain
Having a store on Prestashop and selling your products there cannot be more convenient. The app is very easy to use and maintain. It has simpler design, so even users with minimum technical knowledge can run the online store with ease. The interface is also user friendly, allowing anyone to run a store effortlessly.

4. It is Easier to Customize
Each store on Prestashop surely has different needs, depending on the products they sell. Luckily, Prestashop allows the users and store owners to customize and personalize the store according to their needs and liking. You can add features to make the store more suitable for the type of your business. Moreover, just hide or delete some features in order to keep the store more relatable to the products or goods you sell.
Well, now that you know some of the best features of Prestashop, you do not have to think twice about using the platform to sell your products. By placing them online on Prestashop in particular, numerous potential buyers will get easier access to your products, hence increasing your profit eventually.

When Moving to Dedicated Server?

If you happen to be an owner of personal website or blog that’s quite successful by having a lot of traffic and the amount of ad revenue, have you ever asked yourself, “is this time right to improve yourself?” The answer is yes, this is a good time to move to a whole new level in terms of online website marketing. One way you can do is to switch to dedicated server.

Get to Know with a Dedicated Server and How It Benefits You
As it has become an instinct, if you have enough ability to be better, you will immediately take the option to become better. The same thing can also be applied to your website. For the initial stage, you might have been very successful by having a website that has a lot of interesting content, with a simple design, as well as traffic that doesn’t seem to stop. But once in a while, your website will definitely go down or lose its effect if you do not make an improvement. This is where dedicated servers will be very useful for your website. The following are some points of interest from a dedicated server.

1. Faster performance
Basically, moving to a dedicated server is the same as moving from an apartment to your own home. A dedicated server gives you the opportunity to do more on your website in terms of processing and performance speed. Imagine if your simple website design can be accessed at speeds of less than 15 seconds; your website visitors will feel much safer than before.
Moreover, since you no longer use a shared server, the entire dedicated server has become your property. You can freely improve the website; just keep it simple for your visitor to use it.

2. Total control of your website
If you choose to switch to dedicated server, you must be prepared to get a lot of unexpected changes; one of which is the total control of website. Previously, you might feel that the system is running everything for you. Meanwhile, when using a dedicated server, you have to go directly to arrange some things that might be technical. You must see this in a different perspective. This time, you are in control of everything, and there is nothing you cannot do or change on website.

3. Reliable security
One of the things about using dedicated server is a fairly reliable security problem. If you use a shared server, your website must share with others which also have direct contact with the shared server owner. One data leak could jeopardize the whole website information. The situation will be a lot different if you use a dedicated server since only you have an access to information on your website.
Those are some of features that you will automatically get when switching to a dedicated server. What are you waiting for? Just quickly use a dedicated server for the convenience of both parties; both you as website owner and the visitors from your website.