The Importance of Uptime and Downtime for Website

Everyone who has a website, whether for commercial or personal blog, must pay attention to the performance of the site. It relates to monitoring the uptimes and downtimes that’s crucial in keeping your site accessible. What are actually uptimes and downtimes? Generally, uptimes refer to a condition when your website can be accessed by visitors. Otherwise, it will be called as downtimes when your website becomes unavailable for access due to some problems. Keeping an eye on the uptime and downtime helps you to get rid of any problem before it gets worse.

Why Monitoring Uptime and Downtime Is Important

Tracking the uptime and downtime does not mean you have to open and close the site repeatedly. There is more effective way to monitor the accessibility of your website. Today you can find various third party services that help you monitor the site. What is actually the importance of tracking uptime and downtime for website?

  1. Avoid loses

Whenever your website is unavailable, the visitors cannot access the site. When it is a commercial website, it equals to major loses. It is the same as closing the store when there is a queue of customers outside. If you have popular website with many customers, even 1 hour of downtime can cause million dollars of loss. That is why tracking the uptime and downtime is necessary to overcome the problem as fast as you can.

  1. Protect business image

Building a business means you build an image. Having a website with frequent downtime problem may ruin the image of your business. The customers start to think that your business is not professional enough to serve them. Therefore, monitoring the accessible of website is important to keep your business image.

  1. Satisfy your customer

Customer is a king. You must be familiar with this old saying about business. To invite more and more visitors to your website, satisfy them first. When they have good experience while browsing your website, they will give free testimony and suggestions to their family and relatives about your site. Otherwise, experiencing downtime is considered as annoying that probably makes your visitors move to the other website which offer better browsing experience.

  1. Detect hacker

Among many potential reasons to cause downtime is hacker’s disruption. Some hackers irresponsibly insert malware into your site which may damage the website. When the site is damaged, the chance is it cannot be accessed by your clients. Or else, it remains accessible but potentially sending malware to your client’s device. By monitoring the uptime and downtime, you are allowed to figure out the hacking attempts the hackers do to your site.

In conclusion, tracking uptime and downtime of a website is essential since it relates to how your website can be accessible by the visitors or clients. Not only avoid loses, keep an eye on uptime and downtime also protects your image as professional business. You can use third party service to help monitor the uptime and downtime without opening and closing the site constantly.