Do We Need SSL for Blog Website?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is nowadays needed by every website on the internet. This technology allows the website to establish secure internet connection, thus preventing it from viruses and phishing threats. Moreover, the importance of SSL is obvious. It brings more security and shows the legitimacy of the website. However, what if the site you run is blog? Do you still need to use SSL and make the blog HTTPS? The answer is YES. In this case, you do need SSL for blog.

The Reasons to Use SSL for Blogs

You can never take a blog for granted. When you want to run it seriously, you still need SSL technology. Completing your website is SSL is going to bring numerous benefits for your blog. Here are some reasons to use SSL for your blog.

1. Boosting the Google Ranking
Basically, having SSL verifies the legitimacy of blog. It shows that the blog is secure and run by responsible party. When it is certified in such way, the online reputation of your blog is going to be great. Search engines, including Google, love this kind of site. There is no wonder that legitimate blog is going to be placed on the first page as the ranking of the blog is high. By having it displayed on first page, people will notice your blog more easily, hence bringing more and more traffic and visitors.

2. People Trust HTTPS More
A blog with SSL technology is going to get that additional “S” after the HTTP. The letter “S” here means “secure”. People these days are already aware of that security feature and that’s why HTTPS blogs are trusted more by people on the internet, compared to HTTP blog. They do not have to think twice to click on HTTPS blog because they already know that it is 100% legit and safe. On the contrary, people these days, especially those with vast knowledge of technology, feel reluctant to visit HTTP blogs as they know the risk of visiting unverified sites.

3. Gaining More Profits
When you run blog to eventually gain some money, by Google ads or other sources, you really need to win their trust by using SSL. Big companies and websites will not trust a blog that cannot prove its legitimacy. They do not want to advertise in random blogs like that. Since your blog is fully legitimate by having the SSL, surely it will be easier for you to get more visitors, more sponsors, and more profits at the end of the day.

It is now obvious that even a blog needs the help of SSL to become safe and secure on the internet. It does not matter if you run a blog because your eventual goal is to make it viral and famous. To do so, you need to convince everyone on the internet that your blog is a secure site. From now on, try to go on the process of extended validation and just make your blog SSL certified.