ASP.NET vs. PHP Hosting- Which is Most Preferable Option for Webmasters

When it comes to choosing the hosting services for a website or blog, one of the prime considerations is the right platform to achieve convenience, optimal site performance within affordable price range. The two major competitors in this context are the Microsoft hosting and the Linux based PHP hosting considering the choice of developers worldwide. Herein is a brief comparison on different parameters to help the webmasters choose the best one.


  1. Costs


The most important consideration for web hosting especially for startup companies and businesses is the cost of the package. Those with initial startup website and some basic requirements can definitely opt for the PHP hosting. A lot of open source web applications and web development tools allow the web developers to set up the website or blog virtually free of costs. The cost of the hosting will be higher during the initial phase. This requires higher startup investment for purchasing tool sets including Dreamweaver for web design and development, MSSQL database, Microsoft Visual Studio IDE etc. However, over the years, the pricing of Windows hosting has reduced considerably making it ideal choice for even the lean startup companies, businesses and bloggers.


  1. Compatible Operating System and Framework                              

The is compatible for websites built on the .net framework and suitable for websites build on Windows operating systems. Websites build on Apache framework are relatively more beneficial as they can function appropriately on different operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac Unix.


  1. Website Performance


The website performance is one of the few qualities on the prime agenda for the website owners. The interaction amongst the server, script and databases is extremely important to ensure the best website performance and user-friendly interface.


The website must have compiled code to run effortlessly on the The hosting can access only compiled language to give seamless performance. The compiled code on the platform will run much faster and take fraction of seconds to load the page.


PHP has an advantage to an extent, as it is interpreted language. Therefore, it will keep running the code as it is written. In this context it is important, to consider that running interpreted code on PHP takes more time to load the webpages. However, the websites written in PHP with LAMP stack web applications give an improved performance. The PHP running with MySQL stack also give good performance.


The website performance will also depend on the operating system used on the web server. The Windows and NTFS file systems may slow down the website performance a bit compared to the Linux and ext4 file systems. The PHP web application running on a Linux based hosting plan can bestow better performance.


  1. Database Connectivity


The best performance with database connectivity on PHP web applications is the MySQL server. If you are using the web hosting, it will be great to use the Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) server. These two combinations are equally convenient and give seamless performance without issues.


  1. Website Security and Stability


Security is an important concern for every website owner or blogger. hosting uses the best encryption layer security in the world making it the most powerful hosting option for the corporate and eCommerce businesses. By far, it has also been able to provide the higher stability in terms of functionality over the other platforms including PHP. Faster loading, consistent uptime and absence of errors are some of the qualities, the developers bestow extreme trust on the ASP MSSQL stack framework.


  1. Scalability


The scalability of every website is very important revealing the potentiality of enlarging to accept growth alongside strength of the system and the network to support the growth. Both and PHP platforms offer reliable scalability provided that the web developers employ proper coding and features to support the scalability capability on these two hosting platforms. The programmers need to choose the right set of tools to ensure that the websites are able to accept the growth prospects from time to time as and when there is a need to upgrade new features or accommodate inputs.


  1. Community Support


The community support is an important consideration for the web developers especially those who are novice in the industry. PHP is one of the most popular scripting language and the open source platform for free access. The global open source community is vast and offer great deal of support for the PHP development projects. Hence, if you are using PHP hosting, there is an enormous group waiting out there with helpful suggestions to make your project even better. The webmasters having issues with their hosting packages can also seek help and advices online from this community.


The is owned and managed by Microsoft group. The programmers can find several developers’ board on ASP online. The sources are very rare compared to the PHP community but have enough supply of good contents and help provisions.


  1. Web Development and Editing Tools


While considering the hosting packages, it is important to see whether there are enough tools and application support on the platform. You may need to edit, update and change software information from time to time to make it relevant and best for the visitors. The most popular editors available for the PHP platform include VIM, Eclipse etc. Eclipse is a very useful editor available free of cost for the PHP web development and editing work. If you are using the framework, the best editor tool support is Microsoft Visual Studio. However, choose ASP only if you are interested in making some investment. You need to purchase the MS Visual Studio editor tool package.


Summing It Up,


Both hosting and PHP hosting are trustworthy platforms to bestow user-friendly experience and best website performance. Different websites are build across complex codes and features. It is worth taking some trail hosting packages under each of the abovementioned platforms to see which one gives the best performance reliability. In addition to this, the abovementioned factors are highly considerable when choosing your hosting package.